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This page is intended to help our community spread the news and enthusiasm for the local trail networks. We need your input to keep this site interesting and dynamic. Please email me any information that you have about trail meetings, possible grant opportunities, your trail group's accomplishments and trail related events. I will pass on the tips that I receive here for all to see. Email all trail information to: jgreaves@yahoo.ca Subject: Midway Trail News and Events


bulletJuly 23, 2011 Our new trails brochure is off at the printers but you can get your own copy here.
bulletApril 13th, 2011 Our trail maps (signs) are now complete and we need volunteers to help to locate them around the trail network. Please contact Jim Graham if you can spare a little time to help. Work bees will be arranged in the near future.
bulletMidway Trails Society's AGM will be held on April 12th at 7:00 pm - location at the Midway Firehall
bulletDirector, West Boundary (Area E) we received enough funding to develop and produce quality mapping for our Trails and  Kiosks. These should be finished and installed in March or April of this year. In the meantime the new maps are available for download on this website's Trail Maps page.
bulletMarch 6th, 2010 Hiked to the top and did all three sign in boxes. Beautiful weather and trail mostly dry. A very few slippery spots up in the top sections of the mountain but easily avoided. Great Hike. Going again tomorrow. River trail in good shape.
bulletFeb 17th Hiked to the top of the mountain this afternoon. Trail condition not too bad. A bit slippery in spots but passable if you are careful.
bulletFeb 9th River Trail still OK. Not melted yet. Went up the mountain trails yesterday. Good thing I had boot chains. Very icy.
bulletJan 30th, 2010, River Trail in good shape. A few icy spots but not muddy and very passable.
bulletJan 16th, 2010, Both River and Mountain Trails very icy. Careful if you attempt them.
bulletJan 2nd, 2010 Rail Trail 200 Race has been cancelled due to an expected lack of snow. A link to their website is here Rail Trail 200  It was a good idea. Lets hope they have better luck next year. 
bulletDec 20th, 2009 Someone (Ross?) Has posted plasticized copies of updated trail maps at the trail entrances and all major junctions.
bulletDec 8th, 2009 The local Rail Trail Crew will be finished in about two more weeks. I hope to receive a report from them. If I do I will post it here.
bulletA synopsis of the accomplishments of the Local Trail Crews accomplishments can be found here. Final Report
bulletDec 7th, 2009 Meeting was held at the Glenburn Coffee House to discuss the possibility of forming a "Trails Stewardship Committee." It was informative and well attended. A second meeting is to be scheduled for early in the new year. Contact Tannis Killough for more information.
bulletDec 7, 2009 James Haynes and James Graham approached Midway Council to update them on the local trail system's progress and request Council's support for future projects. The meeting went well. Council will write a letter of support for the project and will commit to offering equipment and manpower to operate equipment next year if we get the funding.

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