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Midway Trail Photos

Photo credits: John Greaves, Pam Klumpp, Adrianna Goodson, Ralph Torske, Ross Elliott, John Hibberson, John & Arlene Bennett

Trail benches located at various locations all around the trail network.

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The view from the Village View Trail Looking West along the Kettle River Trail Along the Canada US Border
Border Marker #141 View South of the Border looking down the Kettle Valley
Some of the Trail Crew at coffee break. What a place to work. Pam trying to show how steep this section was. Photo does not do it justice. Trail user Monica Stewart delivers an appreciation cake to the Trail Crew.
Looking down on a cold Kettle River Jan 7th. Why is it not frozen?
Winter at the Midway Village Viewpoint Another winter trail view. Enjoying the snowy trails. Lets go! The "Spirit of 2010" is alive at the top of the Trail

Riverwalk Photos

Proposed Bridge Location. Length would be approximately 200 feet. Installing squirrel guards. That will keep them out!
Rare white squirrel found on Midway's Riverwalk. Rare white squirrel found on Midway's Riverwalk.  

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