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New Midway Trail brochure and map available. You can download and print a copy here.  08/06/11

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Hiking and Biking is becoming a major recreation activity in British Columbia. Since 1990 the little village of Midway in BC's Southern Interior has been lucky to be able to enjoy a hidden network of trails for its' residents and visitors to enjoy.

Thanks to the Government's recent CDT Grants given to organizations to help employ laid off forest workers in the province these trails have had a major upgrade in 2009.

The trails now meet International Mountain Bike Association standards and are open to both Hikers and Mountain Bikers.

The "Riverwalk" Trail is especially suited to the casual hiker as it is mostly level and meanders through the trees next to the Kettle River. Leave about one hour to do this trail and consider returning to the Village via the Trans Canada trail stopping at the Midway Station (Kettle River Museum) on your return trip.

The "Riverwalk" loop's (returning by the Trans Canada Trail) total distance is approximately 4.61 kms of easy trail. For those who want to stay in shape during the winter season it is also a great location for cross country skiing or snowshoeing.

A little more challenging but not too difficult is to take the 1.79 km Village View Walk. Start at the east end trails entrance off of Fritz road. Follow the red trail until you reach the villageview junction, go left and continue until you reach the viewpoint and flag. Enjoy the view.

A leisurely pace will get you there and back in about one hour and forty five minutes. There are three benches along this trail for those who want to stop for a break or just to enjoy the views. 


There are some fantastic spots for views when the trail breaks out of the forest. Views of both the Canadian and American sides of the border as the Village of Midway is right on the Canadian/US Border. 


The trails are suitable for all levels of hikers and mountain bikers. You could spend an hour or a couple of days to explore them all. There are a total of 12 km's of trail on the mountain and 2.1 km's along the Kettle River. The average grade of the mountain trails is approximately 12 % with a maximum grade of 25%.

Local Midway Residents who have never or who haven't recently used the trail system should give the trails a try. Your health and your appreciation for what your community offers will benefit from it.

Visitors or those passing through. Set some time aside to explore the trails. You will be glad you did.


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Midway's Hiking & Biking Trails

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